South Dakota
Public Safety Improvement Act

DOC Training

August 2014-Three DOC EPICS trainers completed the coaching sessions and train-the-trainers with the University of Cincinnati.

July 2014-Two Parole Board Members attended National Institute of Corrections (NIC’s) Orientation for New Parole Board Members in Colorado.

July 2014-EBP Senior Agents participated in coaching sessions on EPICS with the University of Cincinnati.

June 2014-A total of nine NIC, BJA, and NIJ staff trained Parole Services staff on Next Generation Desistance. The trainers also trained 11 community providers in Motivational Enhancement Therapy on June 16-17.

May 2014- Training to the Board of Pardons and Parole Members on CJI implementation, parole caseloads, earned discharge credits, the new violation matrix, and the tribal pilot.

May 2014- A Board of Pardons and Paroles member attended the NPRC’s “Responding to the Risk and Needs of Sex Offenders” training in Broomfield, Colorado.

May 2014-The University of Cincinnati held a coaching session on EPICS for the trainers.

April 2014-Annual Training was held for all Parole Services which focused on Core Correctional Practices, implementation information of SB 70, and plans for EPICS implementation.

April 2014-The University of Cincinnati started the initial EPICS training with three DOC staff and seven UJS staff.

February 2014-Training to the Board of Pardons and Parole Members on Gangs/Special Security.

January 2014-Two new Board of Pardons and Paroles participated in the “new member” training.

January 2014-All the Board Members participated in NIC’s E-Learning Course, “Evidence Based Practices in the Corrections Field – Pre-Assessment and Course 1: Overview”.

January 2014-Parole Services received training from DSS on the referral process for CJI participants in the community.