South Dakota
Public Safety Improvement Act

General Information

The Overall goals of SB 70 are to:

  1. improve public safety by investing in programs, practices and policies that have been shown to improve rehabilitation and reduce repeat offenders;
  2. hold offenders more accountable by strengthening community supervision; and
  3. reduce corrections spending and focus prison space on violent, chronic and career criminals. The bill can generally be divided into three broad policy areas as follows:


Supervision and Reinvestment
  1. Focus supervision on high-risk offenders
  2. Improve supervision of probationers and parolees
  3. Specialized programs and services to improve outcomes
Statutory Review
  1. Differentiate among levels of criminal conduct
  2. Create presumptive probation for Class 5 and 6 felonies
  3. Specialized programs and services to improve outcomes
Efficiency and Sustainability
  1. Measure and evaluate implementation of reforms
  2. Improve training on evidence-based practices
  3. Improve efficiency and accessibility of systems